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Seminar speeches will be uploaded on this site. Below the article there is a comment box where seminar visitors can take part in discussion about speech topics. The link to this site will be send to every participant and they will be invited to comment these texts.

For commenting there are two available options that I can use on this site:

1. "Log in to leave a comment" requires a visitor to sign in for this page. This option gives you unlimited comments and is free of charge.

For the first time a visitor must create an account by entering a valid email address and a desired password.

From this on she/he can comment by logging in to this site. Login link appears on the comment field if a person isn't already logged in.

2. Second option is also a free comment platform, but it only allows 10 free comments to be published at a time. After that, the oldest comments will be removed so that there's only 10 recent comments on display.

We can also upgrade this platform which costs 3,97€ per month. It allows visitors to leave unlimited comments.

This second option doesn't require signing in. Visitor can comment with a desired name/nickname.

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